the mission of bba is:

to achieve a better indoor environment in the buildings of the Netherlands (and far beyond) so that people can live, work and learn more comfortably, healthier and more productively.


good indoor environment pays off

In all our projects we strive to create feel-good buildings where people feel healthy and comfortable and where they do not experience sick building symptoms.

In a building with a good indoor environment, where the air is fresh and the temperature comfortable, people feel comfortable and healthy. A bad indoor environment can lead to various health problems in the short and long term. This in turn has an effect on productivity and absenteeism. In a healthy office, users are more productive and have less absenteeism. And that’s what it’s all about.

So: investing in a good indoor environment pays off!

importance of indoor environment

We have done a lot of research ourselves on the effects of the indoor environment on humans. The table below shows how temperature, air quality, light and sound affect productivity. Click here to read the full report (in Dutch).