how we work

At bba we aim for the best possible indoor environment. The building user is always central to this! That’s why we always start by listening to identify the needs and concerns of our customers and the perception of the building user or expectations. This is possible with the help of our customized questionnaire.

Subsequently, the building or the workplace can be further investigated to find out what causes the indoor environmental complaints. Possibly supplemented with the help of specific measurements.

We report these findings with an explanatory model where, on the one hand, the building and workplace factors (such as windows that can not be opened or no sunblinds) are linked to physical causes (eg. high concentration of irritating components in the air or high room temperature) which are then linked again to the most common building-related complaints (such as stale air or too hot temperatures in the summer).

After this, our advice is tailor-made and source approach is always the first choice. We place problems in the context. A building is not only there, but has an open connection with its environment and the users.

In addition, we have extremely up-to-date and relevant knowledge. With this we support our findings and advice. We gain this knowledge through our own research, keeping up with  professional literature, participation in (international) conferences and events, where we are often invited as a speaker and we have an extensive (international) network.

We talk in ‘final performances’. If it concerns, for example, the renovation of a school, we are talking about better learning in a well-ventilated and comfortable class rooms. If there are cutbacks on the climate control system for a new office, we will identify and calculate the effect on absenteeism and productivity.

It goes without saying that we use the same social and environmental requirements for our internal operations as our consultancy and research work. We are not called the feelgoodbuilding advisor for nothing.