bba is a consultant specialized in the indoor environment and its effect on building occupants

bba is specialized in the effects of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and light on human comfort and health. Moreover, we have much expertise in the design of healthy buildings and WELL certification.

For questions about sound and acoustics, please contact the specialists of our parent company DGMR.

bba offers the following services

  • Building in Use research

    One of our main activities is consulting in buildings where occupants have complaints about the indoor climate. For this, we use the so-called ‘Building in Use method’. This method provides insight in the nature and cause of the complaints. With this we can assist in providing a comfortable indoor environment.

    In many situations, the investigation starts with an inventory of the complaints and objectification of the indoor climate experience. After that, an extensive investigation of the building and its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will take place. To support our findings, specific indoor environmental measurements can be performed. Combining these observations and findings, we make a diagnosis and advise on how to improve the current situation.

  • Healthy Building Index Tool

    In a building, nothing is as important as its users. People should feel comfortable in a healthy environment to be able to feel and perform at their best. The experience of the indoor environment plays an important role in the productivity of office workers. In order to get insight in the experience of building occupants with the indoor environment, bba has set up the Healthy Building Index tool. Using this online tool, the satisfaction of building occupants with the indoor environment can be mapped easily and quickly. Questions include the themes thermal comfort, indoor air quality, noise and light. Furthermore, a checklist on the building characteristics will be filled out by the facility manager.

    Based on the outcomes, risk factors will be named. Moreover, general recommendations will be given to improve the indoor environment. The tool can be used to periodically make an inventory of the satisfaction with the indoor environment, before or after renovation or after a move.

  • Construction and renovation

    bba can support you during the initiation phase of the construction of a new building or in adjustments in existing buildings. We do this by making a thought through assessment of the existing plans or by developing requirements with special attention for indoor environmental quality. This way, we develop healthy climate concepts and take care of the quality of the indoor environment. Consultancy can include heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, but also exterior sun shading or building materials.

    We can also support relocation. Whether it concerns an existing or new building, we ensure that the indoor environmental quality is guaranteed in the new situation.

  • WELL consultancy

    Building owners and tenants have an increasing interest in building occupants’ health. But how do you know if a building is healthy? And how do you promote a healthy lifestyle of its users? With WELL we meet a long-standing desire of building owners, project developers and employers to get a certificate that shows they have invested in a healthy working environment. bba can guide you through the entire WELL certification process; starting with the definition of your ambitions and feasibility study to guidance of the implementation of the WELL measures.

  • Measurements / sensor networks

    Could your workspace do with better indoor environmental quality? Cutting edge sensor technology and Internet of Things bring continuous IEQ monitoring to all. bba is at the forefront of this development. We install an online sensor network in your building and provide real time monitoring of temperature and indoor air quality. You can keep an eye on the situation using the online portal on your laptop. And we take remote IEQ monitoring further: with our expertise, we assess the situation and give feedback that goes beyond reporting peak values. We translate data to information, thus supporting decision making for technical improvements. Our goal: happy occupants in your building.

    Apart from online monitoring with sensor networks, we offer stand alone testing of IEQ parameters as a part of remediation in problem buildings. bba has a full range of test equipment e.g. for temperature, draught, PMV, CO2, fine particles, ventilation, chemical compounds, mould, light, luminance and spectral measurements. Our holding company DGMR will support you with sophisticated acoustic measurements.

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  • Expert witness

    bba is an independent party and our employees act as independent expert witnesses in indoor environment related legal cases.

    As an expert witness, we either assist a client or the judge if he/she needs to be informed. In case of the latter, we answer questions put by the judge concerning the matter and we assist in the correct interpretation of research results.

  • Research & development

    bba believes in research and development. Through participation in fundamental research we contribute to a better indoor environment and human health in the Netherlands and abroad. We share our expertise by supporting companies, governmental institutions and universities to increase and share knowledge. We are often asked to give a presentation, provide courses, write publications and take part in commissions. Moreover, we are co-authors of (international) standards and guidelines. Recently, we co-authored the Dutch Program of Requirements for Healthy Offices 2018. Using the publication, requirements for renovation or the construction of office buildings can be drawn beforehand, based on which designers, installers and contractors can make their plans.