The average person spends 80 to 90% of his time indoors. At home, but also in the office or school, in shops, hospitals, nursing homes and so on. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that the indoor environment in our buildings is of such quality that building users feel healthy and comfortable. Which in turn also has positive effects on productivity.

bba binnenmilieu specializes in the indoor thermal climate, indoor air quality and light.

Lighting not only ensures that we can see our work well. Light and view also contribute a big part to the well-being of man. When the entrance of daylight or inbdoor lighting is not OK, visual discomfort can arise. This can result to the following complaints: poor readability of screens, too little daylight or (outside) view, blinding daylight or artificial light or insufficient view. In terms of health, visual discomfort can lead to the following health problems: headache, eye complaints, eye irritation and fatigue.

These complaints can be caused by, for example, the lack of proper light protection (sun screens), too bright lighting or the lack of possibilities to regulate the lighting.